A common issue facing organisations that have CCTV systems installed is who is trained and SIA licensed to operate them.

We provide professional solutions to meet the legal requirements for any organisation.

We will provide you with  trained and SIA Licensed CCTV operatives who are conversant with modern systems, enabling our clients to have the peace of mind, whilst our operators monitor their construction site night and day. We insist on the highest standards ensuring documentation and data protection is adhered to, including evidence being recorded for investigation and audit purposes.


We are proud to provide temporary and holiday relief CCTV operators to a vast number of organisations. Our flexible approach and continued integrity enable the deployment of our licensed officers to provide short or long-term contracts to meet our client’s requirements.

Whilst some of our officers are high profile in their presentation, equipped with body-worn video cameras; we have operatives secluded in CCTV operations rooms, monitoring 24/7.

We can provide short or long-term contracts to meet our client’s requirements, providing a flexible approach.