No matter what type of industry you work or operate in, we can deploy manned security guards for any occasion and in numerous locations throughout the UK. We take pride in delivering the highest levels of security guard services to our client 's.

We will provide you with highly-trained security guards that have extensive knowledge and experience in securing access points across all industries. We deploy fully licensed, highly trained security officers on single or multiple sites for a diverse range of market sectors and clients. We work extensively with our client's and officer's to truly understand their needs in order to provide the best possible services. We will provide our guards with full on-site training and under-go refresher training regularly to ensure we are providing quality services to you.

We have ensured the security and well-being of countless thousands of people at public and ticketed events – everything from open air cinemas and ‘music in the park’, to air shows, carnivals, operas and cultural festivals throughout Ipswich and the Suffolk area.

We provide clients with a complete event security package, one that’s based on the importance of crowd management and event planning and we ensure application of industry best practices.
For all event sites we will visit the venue to carry out a full event security survey to ensure we will be able to provide the best services to you.

Our event security includes but is not limited to:

  • Ticket Checking

  • Controlled Ingress

  • Controlled Egress

  • Crowd Management

  • Search Teams

  • VIP Protection

  • Car Park Management

  • Personal Requests with due notice