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Courses/ Services Procedure

  1. Booking a course

Booking a course with World Security Group Ltd means that you (customer) agree to our terms and conditions below. 


Our terms and conditions include:

  • Registration

  • Training

  • Assessments

  • Certification

   2. Registration

Registration time is between the day you book the course and one day before the course starts. If the registration is NOT completed before the course start date, World Security Group Ltd might NOT allow your participation in the course.

Registration process includes TWO steps. You will automatically receive the REGISTRATION EMAIL after booking the course. Your responsibility is to complete your registration before the course start date.

Step 1: Registration Form - by filling this form, you provide World Security Group details and documents that are required for your qualification registration (Data Protection Act of 2018). For more information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-an-sia-licence;

  • Personal details - full name, date of birth, phone number, email address, next of kin personal details;

  • ID document (passport/ provisional/full driving licence/ resident permit)

  • TWO proofs of address:

- It should be issued in your name and match your government-issued identification
- The proof of address must contain your current residential address
- The document needs to be sent by a recognised authority and show their logo, name, and information
- Your proof of address needs to be clearly dated. The document provided must be dated within the last three months

Proof of address can be one of the following documents:

- water, electricity, gas, telephone or Internet bill
- Credit card bill or statement
- Bank statement
- Bank reference letter
- Mortgage statement or contract
- Letter issued by a public authority (e.g. a courthouse)
- Company payslip
- Car or home insurance policy
- Car registration
- Authorised change of address form
- Letter of employment
- Official letter from an educational institution
- Municipality bill or government tax letter
- Residence permit
- Lease agreement for your residence

  • First Aid certificate (optional)

  • English language certificate (optional)*

  • passport size photo (you will find more guidance in the Registration Form)

  • electronic signature (you will find more guidance in the Registration Form)

*Step 2: English Assessment - if you do NOT provide an English language certificate in the 1st step, then the 2nd step is mandatory.

Our online-based english assessment meets the qualification requirements (B2 English Level) and in order to go forward with your qualification process, you must PASS our English assessment.


In case of failure, World Security Group will NOT approve your participation in the course. In exceptional cases, you might be asked to retake the English Assessment.

For more information about the English Level requirement, please follow this link: English Level Required.   

If the Registration step is NOT completed in time by the customer, the deposit will NOT be refunded. 

If the Registration step FAILED (meaning the customer has not met the qualification requirements), World Security Group may refund the deposit to the customer.


   3. Training Step

Training time means course days and times - between first day and last day of the course. You can find course dates and times in the email after you book the course or on our website before the course starts.

After your Registration has successfully been completed, you are allowed to attend the course. If you got to this step, that means you had met all of the requirements to attend the course (age, qualifications, english level, documents) and NO refund will be given back (the payment for the course must be done before the course starts or on the first day of the course).

In order to successfully complete this course you must PASS the practical assessments and the written assessments mentioned in the specification of the course (for more information contact World Security Group Ltd at info@worldsecuritygroup.co.uk).

Your responsibilities as a World Security Group Ltd student are:

  • to do your self-studying

  • attend the course 

  • pay attention in class 

  • ask questions if anything is unclear 

  • do and PASS all the assessments


   4. Assessment

Assessment Step happens before the end of the course. The assessments can be practical, written or oral depending on the course requirements. All assignments must be marked PASSED in order to successfully complete the course and be eligible to get your certificate. 


You might fail in the course and the reasons could be:

  • Failing in the practical assessment means the assessor marked your demonstration as FAILED because your performance in the practical assessments did not meet all the assessment requirements. If you fail in the practical assessment then you will NOT be allowed to attend the written assessments. In exceptional circumstances, World Security Group Ltd might approve you to retake the FAILED assessments.

  • Failing in the written assessment means you did NOT reach the PASSING percentage in your written assessments. In this case, World Security Group investigates the situation and decides if a reassessment is necessary.

  • Failing in the oral assessment means your oral answers were marked as INCORRECT or INCOMPLETE. In this case you will be asked to retake the oral assessment.


   5. By booking the course you also agree with the following:


  • All practical assessments and oral assessments to be video recorded.

  • photos will be taken during the course (a group picture is required for evidence purposes)

  • videos/ photos can be used for advertisement by World Security Group Ltd., as well as can be shared with awarding bodies upon their request

  • You must attend all course sessions on time. An attendance record is kept for the course.

  • Assessment retake might require you to pay an extra fee.

  • If the course starts and you successfully completed your registration then the course payment is mandatory and a refund will NOT be accepted. 

  • World Security Group Ltd is NOT responsible for your failure in the examinations. Failure means you did not meet the passing criteria.


   6. Successful completion of the course (Certification)


After you successfully completed your training and passed all the assessments, World Security Group Ltd will send your details and documents to the Awarding Body in order to release your certificate.

There might be issues that require your immediate response - your responsibility is to keep in touch with World Security Group Ltd and immediately respond to any issues that arise according to the provided guidelines (we usually contact you on the email, but in some cases we might contact you on the phone). World Security Group Ltd will contact you only if it is necessary and only during working hours (Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:00), but exceptional circumstances like emergencies might require us to contact you immediately at any time.

Your late reply to the issue might delay your certificate. If the issue escalates, your certificate may not be released at all by the Awarding Body. If this happens, World Security Group Ltd is NOT responsible for the inconvenient situation. 

In case of a certificate refusal because of an issue that was not or could not be solved, you must redo the course to get your certificate. Retaking the course means you have to rebook, register again, pay again, attend the training again, retake all the assessments. 

If no issues arise, your certificate will be provided within 4 to 6 weeks. But can take up to 8 weeks depending on the course and awarding organisations’ process.

Also, in order to improve our services, we might request for your feedback about:

  • registration process

  • training - course materials, trainer, teaching, classroom environment, location, overall experience


    7. Unsuccessful completion of the course

Unsuccessful completion of the course means you successfully completed your Registration step and your Training Step but you FAILED in the Assessment Step and no reassessment was approved.

In this case, you must redo the course (rebook, register again, pay again, attend the course again, retake the assessments) in order to get your certificate.

Some courses have additional free services such as First Aid training. If you unsuccessfully complete your course, you will still benefit from free services. For example, after attending the free First Aid training you will receive a First Aid Certificate valid for three years. 

    8. Cancel a course booking

If you want to cancel a booking, let as know 24 hours before the course starts. You can use any contact method on our contact page.​

    9. Payment/ Deposit

Deposit = an amount of money that reserves your place in the course or reserves your product. The deposit is usually part of the full price of the service/ product. The deposit is NOT refundable.

Payment = the full price of the service/ product. The full payment MUST be made before receiving any service/ product. If a deposit was payed, then the payment is the payment minus the deposit.

Ways to pay

  • Online (you can pay the full price online when you book the course or order a product, or you can contact us on the contact page and tell us that you want to pay a deposit online for now - in that case, we will give you support);

  • Invoice (you can contact us on the contact page and request an invoice where you can pay online later for any service/ product);

  • Bank transfer (you can use our bank details below to directly transfer the deposit/ payment);

Account Name: World Security Group Ltd

Sort Code: 60-83-71

Account Number: 76102687

  • Cash (in exceptional circumstances, we may accept cash payments. Please contact us on our contact page for support).


Complaining means you meet the complaining requirements and agree the following:

  • carefully read World Security Group Terms and Conditions (you agreed with our Terms and Conditions when you Registered for the course).

  • you can complain within 3 months after the end of the course.

  • sending a Complaint Form to us means that we will go forward with an official internal complaint procedure.

  • if the situation escalates, we will go forward with an official external complaint procedure

If you have any complaints that are NOT included in our Terms and Conditions, follow the steps below:​

  • Step 1: download the Complaint Form;

  • Step 2: fill the Complaint Form (the signature must be by hand; everything else can electronically be written); You have to fill the following fields in the Complaint Form:

                   -> Customer Information (name, phone, email)

                   -> Complaint Date (the date of the incident)

                   -> Complaint Details

                   -> Date (the date when the form was filled)

                   -> Name of the person completing this form

                   -> Signature 

Data Protection Act of 2018


World Security Group Ltd will use the information you give (together with any information which we obtain with your consent from third parties) for assessing your sustainability for training. It may be necessary to disclose your information to our agents and other service providers to provide you with the best possible training including personal special considerations with our Awarding Organisations to provide you with access to the fair assessment.